Cooling Systems

Cooling systems that utilize water for heat transfer require water treatment products.

Water cooled and air cooled chillers provide cooled water to circulate through coils in the air handler systems. That water requires inhibited glycol or inhibited water to circulate throughout the building.

Scale and corrosion are the main problems here, and CQI Water has products specific to these applications.

Cooling towers are designed to transfer heat from the building or industrial application to the outside atmosphere. Cooling towers have a unique set of issues and problems that require the services of CQI Water.  Cooling towers suffer from scale buildup, which is mineral deposits created through the evaporation of water. They also suffer from corrosion problems, as with any metal system that circulates water.

Bacteria, algae and fungal growth occurs in cooling tower systems and requires a specific group of products to combat these issues.

Legionella bacteria, also known as Legionnaires Disease, is a topic that has been all over the news with health concerns. This is a bacterium that’s commonly found and can cause severe health consequences. It can be treated effectively through different oxidizing and non-oxidizing chemical treatments.

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