Glycol and GEO Thermal

CQI Water provides and distributes all forms of glycol and heat transfer fluids.

Our applications run from tanker truck deliveries to 5 gallon pail requirements. We offer all types of formulas from ready to use fluids up to 95% concentrate fluids, in ethyl alcohol, polypropylene and ethylene formulas.

Products should always have corrosion inhibitors blended in or added so that the metals within the system are treated appropriately.  

GEO thermal heating systems utilize the latent heat energy of the earth in order to conserve the energy used to cool and heat residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. GEO Thermal wells are drilled to approximately 150 feet to 400 feet in depth. With a constant temperature ranging from 50-60˚ Fahrenheit at this depth, these wells provide a perfect environment for harnessing energy.

Geothermal engineers and mechanical contractors utilize specialized ground source heat pumps and a geothermal fluid to transfer this energy from the earth’s depths to the surface.

Geothermal fluid can be formulated from either inhibited propylene glycol or inhibited ethyl alcohol. GEO Thermal systems should always have a filtration system attached, so that the wells and coils remain free of sediment and sludge buildup.